Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to gluten, a protein substance found in wheat, spelled, oats, Kamut, barley, rye, spelled and triticale, and therefore in all foods derived from these cereals. It is an autoimmune disease, based on the inflammation of the small intestine, characterized by the destruction of the mucous membrane of this intestinal tract which leads to the inability of the body to absorb enough nutrients with consequent malabsorption which can deprive the brain, nervous system, bones, liver, and other feeding organs and cause vitamin deficiencies that can lead to other diseases.




The challenge of producing gluten-free desserts allows us to improve the nutritional and sensorial satisfaction benefits of traditional desserts, as well as the creation of new recipes by exploring all the ingredients that can add value to our products.

Similarly, we like to think that a gluten-free diet is a perfect opportunity to incorporate other ingredients and nutrient-rich foods that can increase energy levels and overall health.



In Zero + 4 we believe that gluten-free should never mean without flavor or quality, which is why we work every day in developing the best recipes to create a wide variety of products that nourish your body and delight your palate, giving back sweetness to your life.




Our products are created to satisfy the most demanding palates, suitable for everyone! And that’s why within our assortment we include options with various related benefits and with the association of other intolerances such as low calorie, fat and sugar, GMO-free, palm oil, artificial colors and preservatives, alcohol, lactose, and added sugar.

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