ZERO + 4

Motivated by the creation od unique dessert on the market, in Zero + 4 we have been specializing in the production of Gluten-Free Pastry for 10 years. Our commitment is to offer products of the highest quality, good and healthy for everyone, creating a perfect harmony between gluttony and well-being.



We only produce gluten-free products with the highest quality standards to guarantee the safety of our products to people with zero gluten intolerance guaranteed by the Gluten-Free DTP 108 certification. The quality parameters are guaranteed by a precise application of the HACCP self-control systems and by the international certifications IFS BRC which allow total traceability of the products. We also have certified Kosher products and we are in the process of obtaining Bio and Vegan certifications.




ZERO + 4 was created in 2009 by a group of far-sighted partners with the ambition and intent to create a unique company in the confectionery sector. The team which created the company was made up of pastry chefs and specialized technicians with decades of experience in the pastry sector. Together they developed “special recipes” that made ZERO + 4 an excellent reference point in the confectionary sector, particularly in the health sector. The year after its establishment, ZERO + 4 began to produce and market a range of the highest quality products that stand out thanks to a unique feature: they do not contain gluten.




“Good, healthy, for everybody!”


Our philosophy is based on a holistic vision of health in which we try to offer desserts that are good for you, tasty and suitable for everyone, which contribute to the improvement of well-being in general. To achieve this, we work constantly to maintain a balance between “Pleasant” and “Healthy” in our ever-expanding product range.




Being a pioneer in the Dessert for Wellness segment in order to meet the demand for better and better-for-you food and the expectations of all health-conscious consumers, striving to have a positive impact on society and the environment.




Our products are located in the pastry department of the best hypermarkets and supermarkets in Italy. In addition, we are present throughout Europe, America, and Australia!


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